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Travel Nursing: From One Nurse To Another

Meet Nurse Hannah

Paradise RV return customer, Hannah, isn’t your average RV tourist. She’s a travel nurse—on the front lines serving in places where housing isn’t the easiest to access. She says she’s learned a lot along the way, experiencing cultures and figuring out the RV-travel life.

Nurse Hannah’s Recommendations

Originally, Hannah wanted to be a doctor, but switched career choices when she suffered a motorsports accident with a six-month recovery. She felt that it was really the nurses who made all the difference in her care. After graduating from nursing school, she began traveling as a nurse and realized quickly that her best bet was to bring “home” with her since many locations have sparse hotels or are asking $2500-3200 for housing.

After doing research, she contacted Nate at Paradise RV and purchased a trailer (which she has since upgraded to a 40-foot to accommodate her 125 lb. Cane Corso). She said she felt Nate was trustworthy on the first sale—telling her how much he was “in” on the trailer so that they both got a good deal. When Nate didn’t have what she needed for the 40′ trailer, he helped her locate it and handled all the paperwork. In Hannah’s words, “Nate was Nate.”

She says she and her fellow nurses love being grouped together in the back of camping grounds with just enough space between them and the weekend warriors. She also loves being able to learn from one hospital and bring the solution to another. And she’s never lost her love for motorsports. You can follow her on social media at @swiftshiftmotovlogs.

Here’s her recommendations:
  • Call Nate at Paradise RV.

  • Don’t skimp on the sway bars or any of the gadgets that make life easier.

  • Learn to pull the RV—do the job yourself and you can!

  • Don’t take a nursing contract unless you’ve verified an RV park is available nearby.

  • She likes T-mobile for making her Tik Tok videos.

  • Use to find reviews on hospitals and nearby housing.

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