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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions on renting an RV. If you have additional questions, click on the button "Let's Chat" or click on the button below to contact us.


How much does a rental cost?

The drivable vehicles start at $250/n before taxes, insurance, and prep. Towable trailers start at $75/n before taxes, insurance, and prep.


Do you need a special driver's license?

You do not need a special driver’s license. All you need is a valid class D drivers license. 


What kind of RVs do you rent?

Our fleet primarily consists of mid-size Class C RVs (the ones with a bunk in the front). They range from 22ft to 31ft. We also have a variety of Class A, and towable trailers.


This is my first time. Do you have training available?

Yes, we have a library of training videos that we encourage you to watch prior to pick-up. We also have a required training course that we schedule for you at the time of your pick-up. It normally takes about an hour to complete. RV 101 Videos >>


Can we do the training course a few days early?

Yes. When the scheduler calls, you can request an early training. However, availability does fluctuate. We recommend that you book an extra day to give yourself enough time to get familiar with the RV, and time to pack. 


What are your business hours?

Typical business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm, and closed Sundays. Check Google for most up-to-date business hours – they do change from time to time depending on holidays, etc.


How is my rental insured?

We offer rental insurance, but recommend that you use your own personal insurance. 


What are the mileage costs?

We are offering 100 miles per day with $0.30/mile after. However, mileage does fluctuate depending on season and promotions. The maximum amount of miles in one rental is 4,000. Anything over 4,000 adds a $1,000 anti-wear fee. 


How can I pay for a rental?

We accept all major credit cards. We no longer accept checks or cash. You can either book using our online reservation system or call us directly at 843-518-0305.


What deposits are required?

To book and reserve an RV, a 45% deposit is required. The remaining balance is drafted 7 days prior to pick up. Reminders will be sent to your email before drafting. Each RV has a refundable damage deposit. They range from $500 - $1500 depending on the year, make, and model of RV. (Refunded 24-48 hours after returning if there are no overages or damages.


Is there a place to leave my car?

Yes, we have safe locations for you to leave your car while on rental. There is no additional charge to leave your vehicle with us.


What if my RV breaks down?

We offer 24/7 roadside assistance available for purchase with your rental. Additionally, if it is a mechanical failure we will work with roadside assistance to help you get to wherever it is your going.

Outdoor Cooking

Kitchen Packages

We have a kitchen package available to rent which includes pots, pans, utensils, plates, bowls, cups, coffee cups, and more. 

Outdoor Packages

We have a outdoor packages available to rent which includes camping chairs, outdoor mat, cooler, a grill, and an outdoor table. 

Outdoor Barbecue

Do you have a generator available for us to rent?

If you are renting a Driveable RV, we do offer a generator that is $4 per hour.

Please contact us to let us know you would like to rent a generator.

What should we expect when booking at a campground?

They will ask what class, length, and power hook-up are required. You will find this information under more images and the details under the "Book Now" page.

Campgrounds typically offer power, water, sewer, cable, Internet, bathing/shower facilities, a community pool, and much more. We recommend KOA’s. (Privately owned campgrounds)


What's Included?

What is included in my RV rental and what should I pack?


Essential Utility Hookups

  • water hose

  • water pressure regulator

  • water filter

  • electrical connections

  • dump hose

  • sewer hose support

  • leveling blocks

  • dash bubble leveler


Inside the RV

  • first aid kit

  • coffee pot

  • TV

  • DVD player

  • lighter/matches

  • broom

  • games and a deck of cards (included in some rentals)


Our Owner's Recommendation:

  • clothes

  • games

  • prepared food

  • snacks

  • hiking or outdoor gear

  • extra batteries

  • rain jacket

  • extra lighter/matches

  • anything that will make your vacation more enjoyable

Do you accept personal rental insurance for your RVs?

We recommend that you use your personal car insurance for the rental of an RV. If your car is insured with AAA, State Farm, Allstate, 21st Century, USAA, American Family Insurance, or Geico, you should add the RV to your personal policy for the duration of your RV rental. Typically your insurance company will not charge you to do so. If you're insured with a specialty insurance company, they may offer coverage. It's worth a phone call to your insurance agent to find out, because it could save you money on the insurance fees, and will lower your out of pocket deductible in case of an accident. ​

You will need a special form from us called the insurance binder request form. When making your reservation, please let us know that you would like to use personal insurance and we will email you the form with all the necessary information on it. 

Simply email the form to your insurance agent, and they will take care of the rest. Anyone that is listed on your policy will be allowed to drive the RV. Proof of coverage must be provided a minimum of 24 hours before the reservation start to qualify for a refund of insurance fees. 

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