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Deck the RV For Christmas!

At Paradise RV, we're all about going all-out on Christmas decorations—go big or go home, right?!

Before you get started, you'll want to make sure of your available wattage. If you're planning a Chevy-Chase-level of decorating, consider using a generator or hooking up to a solar panel to keep your battery charged if there isn’t an RV hookup where you are camping. (Check the rulebook if you're staying somewhere that might limit your wattage usage.) You can also conserve power by using LED lights or use battery-operated lights instead. You'll also need extra outdoor extension cords and keep electrical connections protected from the elements with outdoor cord protectors.

Start with the foundation of all Christmas magic: Christmas lights!

Christmas Decorating Ideas for RVs

Then up your game with decorations:

  • Use spray snow, spray ice, and holiday-themed clings to liven up windows

  • Use suction cups or magnetic hooks to hang stockings and lighted decorations

  • Install an outdoor Christmas tree or get a potted real one (bonus: you can plant it at the campground later, with permission)

  • Save space with a half-wall tree that can be attached to the inside of your RV or go modern with a minimalist tree

  • Add in light-up figurines such as reindeer and snowmen

  • Holiday inflatables also make over-the-top additions and can be used on top of your camper or RV if space is limited

  • Go for a non-traditional look with decorated palm trees and lighted flamingos, if you're feeling the Feliz Navidad vibes

  • Outdoor wreaths can be hooked to the RV door or the front grill

Got any other decorating must-haves? Send us your ideas on our Facebook/Instagram posts.

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