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Our Favorite Beat-the-Heat Summer RV Accessories

At Paradise RV, we’re making the most of our short summer. We’ve compiled the top Summer RV Accessories that our RV-loving community believes make the summer heat more than bearable! There’s something on this list for pets, kids, the adventuresome, and the not-so-adventuresome!

Share the list to save it for later—there are only 11 weekends left this summer (at the time of this post) before school starts back!

Note: Each of the links below are Amazon links but they are not Amazon affiliate links.


This one comes in several sizes to accommodate small to larger animals and even several children! It folds into a compact size—9 inches by 9 inches—which is sure to fit nicely in the below-RV storage. If you’re not camping within walking distance of a river or ocean, this does nicely for a quick cool-down.

Cost: (Ranges in price for each size) $37.95-$99


If you are camping near a lake and want something easy to put in the water and paddle around in, an inflatable kayak is perfect! They are made of material that is tough enough to withstand your pet’s sharp claws. (If you’re wary of alligators, here’s a good article comparing safety in inflatable kayaks vs. hardshell kayaks.) Inflatable kayaks come in a range from inexpensive and less-durable (but easy to dry) to more expensive and durable (such as for whitewater rafting). Here’s a great article discussing the range and prices available and several accessories to think about.

Cost: Quite a range—see article link above.


There are a number of portable hammock options, but we like this one because of the space-saving stand, multiple hook positions to find the right height to swing, maximum weight capacity (450 lbs.), easy assembly (ten minutes and no tools), and easy breakdown that fits everything into a portable carrying bag. Lastly, we love that it’s made for two!

Cost: $72


We like this one because of its hub design, which pops up and breaks down in under 60 seconds. However, if you’re shorter than average height, you might struggle with pushing up in the center. Technically, there’s no assembly required (meaning no loose parts). It has room for up to eight people and a table, without much space for walking. The mosquito netting is a life-saver and we highly recommend the wind flaps and an outdoor round carpet as a floor since it doesn’t automatically come with one. (There is one that can be purchased as an add-on but it’s not the easiest to keep clean.)

Cost: $220


A mosquito-free gazebo calls for a family game night! We like this round bamboo folding table because it’s light, durable, and stable, has stabilizers for uneven ground, has no-tool assembly and a compact carrying case, as well as two different heights. We also like this camping picnic table with four seats which folds down to the size of a suitcase and has no assembly. Lastly, we like this family-size folding camping table. (It actually comes in several sizes.) It is made of thicker but lightweight aluminum that is rust-free/corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. It also rolls up into a carrying bag.

Cost: Varies


Everyone loves their SOLO! We like this waterproof, durable Solo Stove smokeless fire pit with the Yukon Big Yard Bundle, which includes a weather cover, spark shield, and stand.

Cost: $798


We recommend flat-top griddles (cheap but light ones here and more expensive ones here) and this table-top grill. We like that it’s lightweight, easy to carry, has consistent heating across the surface, and a rear grease trap to make clean-up easy.

Cost: Varies


For ambiance beyond the cricket sounds, we recommend this Bose Bluetooth speaker because it’s small, water-resistant, and has a wireless range of around 30 feet. It also has a built-in mic for speakerphones and is easy to pair with devices via the voice-prompts. Lastly, the lithium-ion battery seems to hold up for around 8 hours of playtime and is rechargeable with USB power sources.

Cost: $124


Everyone loves a Yeti, and this one’s our favorite for its size and well-known reputation for durability. But whether you get this one or another, you’ll definitely need a cooler!

Cost: $275

10. ICEMAKER (Link)

While some RVs come with ice-makers, you’ll inevitably need more, especially during the summer. Some camping locations have ice-makers and you can always pick up bags of ice (if you trust them) but storage of the ice can be an issue. We recommend this ice maker, which takes up very little counter space and produces 26 lbs of ice per day (8 minutes produces 9 pieces) of chewable (don’t tell your dentist) ice cubes for drinks and smoothies.

Cost: $105


Our last must-have is some wine glass ground stakes—a rather ingenious way of holding wine glasses and a wine bottle. Drives easily into the ground and prevents spills. AND avoids those plastic throw-away cups. Cheers!Cost: $19.95

We hope you enjoyed this list of summer accessories. Some additional fun things that didn’t make our Top Ten Summer RV Accessories: A portable pizza oven for the pizza enthusiasts in your family, a fire pit popcorn popper, and marshmallow roasting sticks or kit. Happy camping!

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