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A Grandmother's Smash-Hit RV Camping Trip

(Special Thanks to our Minnie Winnie and Anna, manager of the Born To Roam Rentals!)

Cheryl decided it was time for her grandkids to have their first camping trip—but it was going to be Cheryl's first time doing it all by herself as well. It was a smash hit with Anna's help, and the grandkids want her to do it again ASAP!

Getting The Necessary Confidence

Cheryl says that since it was her first time doing it all herself, Anna's special tour gave her the confidence that she could indeed pull it off. She had to call Anna twice for small things, but each time Anna told her, "You've got this!" And Cheryl did indeed.

Fun With Grandkids

Since she had the grandkids all week, they played games, ate around the fire, made crafts, and all the good old-fashioned camping fun. Her oldest grandson was quite taken with the Minnie Winnie "loft" bed and kept calling it "his room" after he shut its privacy curtain.

Their imagination took off when they discovered the Minnie Winnie sliding pass-through door on the screen door and played "McDonald's Drive Thru" for quite some time. And, since they stayed at James Island resort, they had access to a playground full of kids ready to make of which was convinced Cheryl needed to be HIS grandmother too! (She says there's always room for more grandchildren and we agree.)

Making Lasting Connections

During the week away, they "invited" the parents over for dinner. Afterward, father and son (Cheryl's son-in-law and grandson) sat at the fire having the kind of conversation that sticks with you. When Cheryl overheard

her son-in-law ask his son, "What inspires you?" her heart was won over—stopping time to make memories like this is exactly what a busy family needs.

Cheryl says, "Anna gave me the confidence that I could do this, all by myself. That team at Paradise RV really knows what they are doing. They were trustworthy—and that's tops in my book! I can't wait to do it again."

If you're ready to book your next family adventure, call or text Anna at 843-258-8071! If you've rented or purchased or had your RV serviced by our team and want to share your story, let Anna know. Everyone who shares their story will receive our Friends & Family discount!

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