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Top Money-Saving Diesel Fuel Apps & Memberships

If your RV runs on diesel, we’ve gathered the best diesel fuel apps (rated by RV users across social media) to help you find and save on fuel:

  • TSD Logistics/Open Roads – This fleet membership card allows you to use the trucking lane AND pay at the diesel pump instead of going inside to pre-pay, which is unique. Note: It deducts from your checking account and is NOT a credit card but it does speed things along in that commercial truck lane. As a matter of fact, you must go through the the commercial lanes (typically in the back) to receive the discount, unlike other diesel fuel apps. It works at all major truck stops but members only get a discount at certain locations. Be sure to refer to the Open Roads app to look for in-network fuel stops. Current members typically are saving an average of 30 to 40 cents per gallon off the pump price. According to the diesel fuel app program guidelines, there are no signup fees or membership fees to join and no long-term contracts to sign or hidden fees. It does work in Canada but the discount is not as deep due to currency exchange rates. There is a limit of 200 gallons per day or $1000.00. They also provide members with an after-hours support number if they run into issues. They’ll soon also offer a gasoline discount card as well. You can get more information at Warning: Make sure your RV can take a high-flow nozzle and get used to handling the high flow! >> Apply at

  • MudFlaps – This diesel fuel app lets you search for discounts in a particular area, purchase in advance with the app, and provides a code to show the cashier to allow you to fill up. Members get instant discounts up to 50¢ per gallon at hundreds of independent fuel stops. Members purchase fuel on Mudflap with their credit and/or debit card. The website says there are no fees or credit check. Unlike The TD Logistics/Open Roads, this one focuses on “Mom & Pop” locations, stating that these types of locations are usually 20¢ gallon cheaper than major chains. With Mudflap, members typically save an extra 30¢ per gallon on average off the pump price at independent stops. >> You can get more info and apply at

  • GasBuddy – This diesel fuel app allows you to search by area AND by gas brand. A gas card is available if you don’t prefer apps and they have a card that provides even more discount at the nozzle. Additional GasBack program lets you earn gas back on everyday purchases. The trip planning functionality, extra tools, and search by state, as well as the ability to scope out a possible gas station in advance (for logistics) are a nice plus as well. Premium membership provides additional benefits in the diesel fuel app. Some limitations apply. >> For more info and to apply, go to

  • Honorable mentions: (which gets you cash back on many purchases, not just gas) and Sam’s Club, which can also be used at Pilots and Flying J stations.

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