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9 Must Knows For RV Renters

WATER: Pack extra water—no matter how much we pack, we always need more. Freeze some to help with storage.

AMPERAGE NEEDS: Know the amperage of your rented vehicle. Campgrounds should ask you before you book a spot, but if they fail to, and you arrive with a vehicle that needs more amps, you’ll end up juggling being comfortable and keeping the food safe. Trust us, know what your vehicle needs to run everything and book campgrounds accordingly.

ENTERTAINMENT: If you’re planning to catch that game or stream something live, make plans to find a local spot to catch the game! Unless you plan on using something like StarLink, you’ll need to make alternative arrangements. The wifi provided by campgrounds is spotty at best. RVs come with coax connections for cable and most have DVD players built in, so there’s plenty of entertainment options, just not what you’re likely used to in our well-connected homes.

INSURANCE: This one ought to be a no-brainer, considering the high cost of replacing the rental or paying for repairs. All states require a certain level of coverage and dealers like Paradise RV carry the additional levels. Here’s a third-party resource article on this topic.

FIRST NIGHT: Avoid the first-night stress by packing something for dinner that is easy to eat and doesn’t need to be cooked. Send the kids on a scavenger hunt while you get things situated, then eat something easy to prepare or already prepared.

BEDDING: Bring your own bedding and pillows. And don’t forget extra towels for each person.

PETS: If it’s your first time traveling with pets, we’ve compiled this article on how to make traveling with your fur babies easy and safe. If it’s not, the number one thing that causes headaches is forgetting vet records, which are required by a number of states.

GETTING AROUND: If you plan to see the nearby tourist sights, you may want to consider a drive-able RV rather than a towing option. Uber can be reliable in certain areas, but not in others. Some cities, such as our home town of Charleston, has ample designated parking in the Chamber of Commerce parking deck and the downtown trolley stops right in front to pick up passengers.

DELIVERY OR PICK-UP: Last but not least, you will need to decide if you want to tackle the setup maneuvers or not. Many RV dealerships that rent RVs can either deliver the vehicle (and set it up—hello!) for you or you can pick up the vehicle yourself.

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